Cesar Chavez Elementary School

100 Book Challenge

60 Minutes of Daily Reading Practice

Students read 30 minutes in school and 30 minutes at home. Quantity practice targets are set, monitored, and


rewarded, ensuring every student adopts the independent reading routines of academically successful students.

Every Student Working at Appropriate Level

Using national standards for reading proficiency, both books and students are leveled based on what


readers need to know and be able to do at each of the five developmental stages of reading


acquisition, as outlined by No Child Left Behind.



Learn more about how our leveling system compares to other leveling systems.

Connects Your Reading Initiatives to Common Core Standards

100 Book Challenge aligns all of your existing reading materials and assessment tools using one simple color-coded leveling platform, keyed to Common Core Standards, that students, teachers, and parents can understand and use to ensure every student is making expected progress towards proficiency

100 book challenge log.gif


These are the logs that are sent home everyday.  Parents must initial the log and monitor the students





Students will take six leveled readers home with them everyday in a bag like this.


medals 100 book challenge.png

Students receive metals for the reading accomplishments. 


25 hours= Red Metal


50 hours= Green Metal


75 hours= Yellow Metal


100 hours=Orange Metal



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